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Tips for Selling Products on Facebook

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Apr 10 2012

With more and more people checking Facebook every day than reading the newspaper or listening to the radio – Facebook has become a main attraction for retailers who want to sell directly through their Fan pages.
During this interview, Kirsta Neher, social media speaker and CEO of Boot Camp Digital talks about selling products on Facebook.

Here are some of the key points you’ll learn about in this video:

  • Why Facebook Commerce is a big opportunity for retailers
  • Why merchants prefer F-Commerce vs directing customers to their website
  • Trust issues with unfamiliar sites vs Facebook Fan page credibility
  • Great examples of a successful Facebook store
  • Common mistakes businesses make when setting up a store on Facebook
  • What is the strategy behind Facebook Commerce
  • Creative ways to sell your products and services on Facebook

Have you tried to sell your products via a Facebook Page?  Do you have any advice to share?

**This interview was recorded on November 15, 2011 at the SES Conference in Chicago.

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2 Replies to “Tips for Selling Products on Facebook”

  1. Thanks for the tips, valuable in this period when we are all learning. I have bought some advertising and we got a lot of visitors via Facebook to our real estate website.

  2. That’s great! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I’m glad you found this information valuable. 🙂

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