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Krista Neher

Oct 05 2009

First, thank-you for stopping by. We really appreciate it and we’re working hard to continue to make it worth your while.

As you may know, I have had a number of personal blogs for a long time – my main marketing blog is The Marketess, where I share my insights and thoughts on marketing.  I also have an older and far more random personal blog – Kribaby (read at your own risk).

We decided to launch the Boot Camp Digital blog as a way for us to share our thoughts and insights on social media marketing and digital strategy with you.

On this blog you can expect to see hints, tips and tricks on social media marketing and digital strategy.

We’ll also share what is happening with our business and around the office so that you can get a feel for who we are and how we operate.

I hope you find this blog useful, and if you have any thoughts, ideas, comments or feedback please do not hesitate to share them.  We would love your feedback – our goal is to make something great for you.

– Krista Neher

CEO, BootCampDigital

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