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We’re Entering a Contest and We Need YOUR HELP!

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Jun 27 2012

mission small businessWe at Boot Camp Digital are constantly striving to improve our social media & Internet marketing education programs so that they are more beneficial to all our customers. That is why we have entered Chase Bank and Living Social’s “Mission: Small Business” contest, which gives us the opportunity to win a $250,000 grant for our business!

Krista has worked very hard on the application, explaining how we at Boot Camp Digital do all we can to provide informational and educational seminars, Boot Camps, online courses, and more. But in order to be eligible for the contest, we need 250 votes by Saturday on the contest website.

This is where we can use your help, and the best part is that it takes about 46 and a half seconds (thank you, iPhone stop watch app).

Here’s all you need to do:
1) Go Here: https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/
2) Click “Log in to support” (you don’t need to create a log-in ID or anything)
3) Click Connect with Facebook (this will NOT spam your Facebook or grant the website access to your Facebook)
4) Search for us: BOOT CAMP DIGITAL
5) Click “Vote”

That’s it! Afterwards, please spread the word, whether it’s by Tweet, Facebook post, LinkedIn group, or carrier pigeon – we appreciate all the help we can get!

We’ll even write the Tweets for you! Just copy and paste these onto your network:


Please help Boot Camp Digital win a $250,000 grant! Click the link, login in via FB, search Boot Camp Digital & vote! http://ow.ly/bRxLI (you may have to double check that the shortened link works, if it doesn’t, just re-shrink it to link to www.missionsmallbusiness.com)


YOUR VOTE will help Boot Camp Digital compete for $250,000 grant awarded by Chase and Living Social! 

VOTE for BOOT CAMP DIGITAL…it takes less than a minute!

Here are the steps:
1) Go Here – https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/
2) Log in to support
3) Connect with Facebook (This will NOT post anything to your facebook wall or tell anyone you are supporting us) 
4) Search for us: BOOT CAMP DIGITAL
5) Vote


Just remember that although you’re doing this as a favor to us now, we’ll make it up to you in the future! Winning this grant would mean we will have more resources to provide even BETTER social media and Internet marketing education to you!

Thanks for the help! Keep spreading/facebooking/tweeting/linkedin-inning the word!


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