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What’s Your Game Plan for the Next Big Thing in Digital?

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Allison Chaney

Sep 02 2019

It’s tempting to dive into something new and shiny in digital, but clients tell us that the risk of poor results typically reigns that curiosity back in. It’s a balancing act between cutting edge and tried and true.

So where’s the middle ground in trying new and exciting digital options that could yield huge results and playing it so safe that you never grow?

Here are five strategies for testing without compromising your overall success.

1. Nail the foundations first

When you’re not consistently executing the foundations of digital and social media marketing with excellence, adding advanced and new tactics won’t give you the ROI you’re expecting.

2. Anchor yourself in what’s working right now and experiment with what’s new

It’s important to try new things. If you don’t, you won’t grow. But if you beat your audience to what’s new and shiny, you’re talking into an empty room. Make sure the majority of your resources are devoted to digital and social media marketing efforts you KNOW will produce results to minimize the risk of trying something new.

3. Set objectives with measurable expected results

Know why you’re trying something new and what you expect to achieve. Without those components in place, you’ll never be able to justify if the outcome was worth the effort.

4. Keep your skills and knowledge current.

Platforms rarely make major shifts without notice. When you know a change is coming, you can adequately prepare and never miss a step.

5. Measure, measure, measure

Digital and social media marketing are not one size fits all. Take the time to regularly measure results based on the objectives. Data doesn’t lie.

To learn how to put together a full-scale plan to test new digital tactics without risking results, check out our Digital Marketing Strategy Master Class.

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