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Why iOS7 is Blowing My Mind

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Carolyn Coates

Sep 19 2013

Photo Sep 19, 5 02 49 PMBeing the techie geek that I am (especially when it comes to Apple products), I was more than excited when Apple announced iOS7 a few months ago. Yesterday, I updated my iPhone at exactly 4pm (literally the minute it came out). Unlike other iPhone updates, this one blew my mind.

As a loyal Apple user, I admit that some of the new features similar to Android are probably my favorite part. After spending hours playing with the new setup, I definitely have a few favorite new features….

1. The New Look

The new, clean design makes it seem like the screen is bigger than before and to me, is more aesthetically appealing.

Photo Sep 19, 5 01 20 PM

2. Pull-Up Settings Tab

I was excited for this because it’s everything you need in your settings instantly accessible. From being able to turn your WiFi and Bluetooth on and off easily, to being able to access your alarm clock in the locked screen (again, awesome) this is handy. I also really like the flashlight on the pull-up tab – I got rid of my flashlight app that took forever to load which wasn’t ideal in the dark.

3. Viewing the Notification Drop-Down when Locked

Not being able to see all of my notifications in the locked screen drove me crazy. Now, when the iPhone is locked, you can still pull down the tab to see all missed notifications and your calendar for the day.

Photo Sep 19, 5 54 49 PM4. Switching Apps

I’m a big fan of being able to quickly fly through open apps. Another feature taken from Androids, it makes switching apps much easier than before.

Sidenote: It took me a bit to realize that to close down an app, hit the home button twice like before then put your finger on the preview screen of the app and swipe up.

5. New Camera Features

The updated camera makes it easier to take, edit, and share photos. Now, you can easily flip from taking a video, picture, square photo (perfect for Instagram) and panorama. The shutter speed is much faster, making it easy to take multiple pictures quickly. When you edit photos, the iPhone has its own set of filters to choose from.

6. Apps Automatically Update

As someone who can’t stand having a little icon signaling a new download, you can choose to have apps automatically update and not worry about it.


A lot of times the first update has a few hiccups but I still think the general consensus is that this is a welcomed update for Apple users. What do you think – let us know!

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