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Why Small Businesses Should be Using Social Media

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Krista Neher

Feb 24 2011

Many small businesses are already taking advantage of social media as a part of their marketing strategy.  Those who aren’t leveraging social media and internet marketing might be missing out on one of the most important things that has happened to small business marketing.
Social media is ideal for small businesses for the following reasons:

1)      They know their customers well

Small business owners tend to have first hand knowledge of their customers and their products.  Being close to the business makes it easier for small business owners to understand how to leverage social media.  The first step in social media is to understand your customers, their needs and wants and the social aspects of your business.

2)      The price is right

Let’s face it.  Small business owners are strapped for cash.  While there are costs associated with social media (especially training and time) it is much more cost effective than many other marketing avenues.  For businesses that need to get a high ROI social media is a no-brainer.

3)      They already have a personal connection

The best way to build an audience for your social media is to already have a personal connection (yes, in real life) to the people you want to connect with.  Many small business owners actually know, by face or name, their customers.  This can be a strong point of leverage in your social media execution.

4)      They have a real personality

Many big companies and brands have a difficult time determining the personality of their business.  Small businesses are often chalk-full of personality, which can be brought to life via social media.  In addition, the personal connection of the owner or key manager can be a further point of leverage with your social media strategy.

5)      The resources are already at hand

Most small businesses already have resources that can execute their social media strategy for them.  Look for people in your organization who are passionate about your business, reliable and passionate about social media.  These people are probably already working for you.  You just need to empower them and give them a strategy!

6)      They have a good story to tell

Many small businesses have a compelling story to share.  How and why was the business created?  What makes your business different?  Share this story in an authentic way.  Some small businesses want to seem more “professional” so they use stock images instead of their own.  Use your own photos, videos and stories to create a real authentic story that people connect with.

7)      They can do something remarkable

Large and medium businesses have layers of bureaucracy that they have to deal with to get anything done.  There are also lawyers and IT folks that have to be included.  Small businesses can try different things quickly and adapt.  Try something really interesting and remarkable.  The risk is usually pretty small.

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