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Why Social Media Shouldn’t be An AfterThought

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Krista Neher

Nov 24 2012

I work with a lot of nonprofit organizations and try to support and promote events and organizations as well as other companies in my local community and many of them come to me for help in social media or by asking me to help spread the word about their event.

The problem is that more often than not, by the time they come to me it is too late.  They aren’t getting the results they need and they are looking for a last minute social media push to drive interest.

This last-minute scrambling usually doesn’t work well.

Build Your Community Before You Need It

In social media, like anything in business it comes down to relationships.  If you have relationships with people and have developed a community, people in your community will help support you.  If you haven’t interacted with people and suddenly ask them to do something for you they probably won’t be interested.

Take the time to cultivate a loyal and interested group of advocates and ambassadors before you need them.  Talk about your community and build relationships by promoting others and through shared interests.

The relationships will give you the “bang for your buck” so to speak.  Take time and build them.

Social Media Shouldn’t Be An AfterThought

Don’t think of social media as an easy way to save your a$$ at the last minute.  It can be a powerful tool but it should be integrated into all of the stages of your marketing and communications.

Build a plan upfront for how you can use social media strategically.

Build relationships with people who can help you.

Build an audience of people who are passionate.

Build ambassadors who will spread your word.

Notice all of the “building” that is required.  It isn’t about posting and broadcasting.  It is about building and connecting.  Do that upfront so that when you need your community, they will be there to support and help you.

How Have You Built Community?

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