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20 Ways to Utilize LinkedIn to Help Your Business

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Sep 30 2011

LinkedIn is a very valuable business resource.  By utilizing LinkedIn in your marketing strategy you open up a lot of new opportunities like driving traffic to your website, online lead generation, connecting with your clients and building an online community around your brand.  As obvious as it could be to some professionals how they should present their company on LinkedIn there is still a big number of companies on the market who completely ignore social media tools because they are unsure of how to utilize such powerful resource like LinkedIn in order to grow their online visibility and build better relationships with clients.

Below is a list of 20 ways to promote your business on LinkedIn.

1. Create a company page filled with important information about your business, products and services.

2. Make sure the top employees of your company are present on LinkedIn and are linking to your company’s website and LinkedIn company page through their page.

3. Include pictures of your products and services as well as a photo on your personal profile.  Show real faces behind the brand.

4. Demonstrate the key characteristics of your products by adding video on your company’s LinkedIn page.

5. Connect your LinkedIn company page to your Twitter account and company’s blog for cross-promotion of your tweets, new blog post and other company news feeds.

6. Share your industry knowledge by answering a question posted in LinkedIn Question & Answers.

7. Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry and participate in conversations – this will help you grow your network as well as introduce yourself as an expert in your field.

8. Don’t be shy to ask your clients to provide testimonials for your products and services on your LinkedIn company page.  This will help you build trust in your brand throughout the online community.

9. Promote your social media channel by adding LinkedIn icon (with URL) to your email signature, brochures, flyers and other marketing materials.

10. LinkedIn is a great tool for market research.  Use it for testing your new products or analyzing your competitors.  It can help you improve your marketing strategy by utilizing the information you find.

11. Showcase your company’s portfolio by adding a presentation to your personal LinkedIn account.

12. Share valuable information about your company and interesting industry articles.

13. Occasionally post special promotions, deals and discounts for your products and services.

14. LinkedIn is a perfect place to find new talent for your organization.  Use the opportunity and post all new job listings on your company LinkedIn page.

15. Check your contacts and their connections, see if it would be beneficial to network with some of them.  Ask your contacts for an introduction.

16. When meet somebody interesting in real life, take a moment and connect with them on LinkedIn in order to stay in touch and expand your network.

17. Want to get more followers on LinkedIn?  Add a “Follow us on LinkeIn” button to your company website.

18. Experiment with a targeted LinkedIn Ad campaign.  You can customize it by selecting industry, company size, region and many other characteristics that describe your target audience.

19. Creating a company-branded LinkedIn group for your clients and partners where you can generate industry discussions can be very beneficial for your business and help expand your brand awareness.

20. Be active on LinkedIn to showcase your personality, demonstrate your expertise and with all this – promote your company.  Check in on your LinkedIn account on a regular basis to answer questions, see what’s going on and participate in discussion groups.

Do you have any other tips on how to promote your company on LinkedIn?  Feel free to share them with us!

Mariya Newman

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