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2023 San Francisco Digital Marketing Workshop Dates Released!

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Melissa Byers

Mar 08 2023


We hate turning people (sometimes teams) away when our trainings sell out. That’s why we’ve cleared our schedules to add a highly-requested 2023 San Francisco Digital Marketing Workshop in September!

Intensive, Hands-On, Interactive Training

It’s called “Boot Camp” for a reason. This four-day workshop is designed to give you the biggest impact possible in a short amount of time.

We pack it with intensive instruction, hands-on learning, and interactive exercises. Attendance is capped at 20, to maintain a lab environment with plenty of space for Q&A and 1:1 time with our instructors. Come with questions, and leave empowered with answers, ideas, and options.

These Seats WILL Sell Out!

Seats for our 2023 San Francisco Digital Marketing Workshop were released to those on waiting lists first. They are now open to the public and have limited availability, so don’t wait.

2023 Schedule:

  • VIRTUAL LIVE: April 18-21
  • IN-PERSON: June 6-9 in Cincinnati, OH
  • IN-PERSON: September 19-22 in San Francisco, CA

4 Days In-Person + 3 Months Online

And because the human brain can only process so much in four days, you also get three months of online access. After the workshop, the entire online course library is at your fingertips to refresh your memory and build on your knowledge.

Who  attends?

  • Teams of marketers who need to speak the same language and align on strategy FAST!
  • Individual marketers who need to understand digital and how to use it to get the right messaging in front of the right people at the right time.
  • Business owners who know digital holds so much opportunity for growth and want to manage it in-house or be knowledgeable when working with an agency partner.
  • Start-ups looking to understand the digital landscape and make smart choices on where to best use their limited resources.
  • Professionals looking to boost their career options with a dual master certification in Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Why attend?

  • You learn best when being taught in real time with an instructor.
  • You prefer the energy of participating in a class.
  • You can’t consistently fit on-demand training into your schedule.
  • You want to ask questions and get answers in the moment.
  • You have specific questions about how to apply what you’re learning to your business.
  • You want to knock it out in only four days.
  • Your team will benefit from doing this together and collaborating rather than independently.
  • Your team will focus better if they’re out of the office and away from distractions.


CLICK HERE to learn more or register for our 4-Day Digital Marketing Boot Camp Workshop in San Francisco


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