3 Steps to Successful Email Marketing

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Jun 27 2012

Last week I wrote a detailed article about our email marketing training.  Today I wanted to share with you a summary of the 3 steps to successful email marketing.  For more details on these steps, check out my earlier post.

1) Get Emails

You don’t want people marking your email message as spam as your emails will be permanently blocked by the service provider. So, always strive for email opt-ins rather than buying the lists.

Always be collecting email addresses at every part of your marketing.  Review EVERY touchpoint that you have with a current or potential customer.  How can you add them to your email list?

2. Get people to open your emails

The key here is having a great subject line. Some good examples are as follow:

  • How to generate 838 landing pages in 10 minutes?
  • What happened last week?
  • Ignoring you is Easy
  • In a rush. Cool tool. Check it out J
  • Our exclusive 15% off back to school savings pass is here

While sending an email, try to get personal and be consistent (like the same person sending multiple emails).

3. Get people to do something (action):

Your email message should deliver on the subject line. The content should have a personal tone and be relevant. Selling all the time is not a good way to build a relationship. An exception to this rule is if you have an offer or discount coupon every single time you send an email. As a general rule, email messages should be short, simple, and specific.

Have a plan for your email, and know in advance what you want someone to do upon reading your email.

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