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37 Digital Marketing Objectives to Use Right Now

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Krista Neher

Jun 28 2022

Defining Digital Marketing Objectives

Digital marketing objectives should be specific and have a number attached to them. For example, your objective could be generating 5% more leads. Maybe it’s tied to increasing sales or reducing downtime. If you’re struggling to get started, think about your budget that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. This sometimes helps you quickly understand what’s achievable, what isn’t, and what is worth your time and resources.

Big Idea:

Many businesses get caught up on benchmarks and try to assign targets to their objectives. As a result, If you don’t have any historical performance it can be very challenging to set realistic benchmarks. While numbers are important, don’t get too caught up by them if you aren’t sure – aim to improve.

Below, you’ll find sample objectives for different marketing strategies to get you thinking. 


  • Reach a certain number of people.
  • Views of your videos.
  • Increase new visitors to the site.
  • Reach new people on social networks.
  • Grow organic traffic to the site.
  • Building a following on social networks.
  • Reach target conference attendees.


  • Traffic to blog posts.
  • Email sign-ups.
  • Email opens.
  • Website traffic.
  • Reduce bounce rate.
  • Increase return visitors.
  • Traffic to target articles.
  • Downloads of resources.
  • Views of video tutorials.
  • Reach on retargeted ads.


  • Leads.
  • Sales.
  • Increase online sales.
  • Grow coupon downloads.
  • Increase lead-generation form completions.
  • Increase phone calls.
  • Increase clicks on direct purchase search ads.


  • Increase cart size.
  • Return customers.
  • Improve open + click rates on customer emails.
  • Improve response rates of customer follow-up calls.
  • Reach customers with new product offers.


  • Mentions.
  • Reviews.
  • Positive mentions.
  • Use of promoted or branded hashtags.
  • Increase social shares of content.
  • Gain mentions from influencers.
  • Increase digital PR.
  • Increase mentions on blogs.

The objective should measurably define what you want to happen. Sometimes an objective can be delivered with a single tactic, however, often times it is a combination of tactics that work together to achieve a goal. 

In conclusion, by knowing your objective you can evaluate your tactics based on their ability to achieve it.

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