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4 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Page Today!

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Nov 15 2012

pinterestIf you haven’t already heard, Pinterest just launched Business Pages – a pretty big game changer in the social media world. As of right now, there aren’t a ton of ways this is going to affect your business on Pinterest, but it’s definitely going to help! The main reason it’s so significant is because Pinterest is sending a message to the various brands and retailers on the network: it’s ready to start working with marketers, and it’s ready to open for business itself.

I’ll get into the new benefits and features of Pinterest business pages in the next blog post. This one will just focus on helping you to start your Pinterest business page. Now let’s get started!

Step One: Go to business.pinterest.com

Here you will see the option to convert your existing account into a business page. If you don’t yet have a page and you’re a business, you can also join on the spot. Click on the button that says “convert your existing account” or click the link below it to join as a business. *If you’re converting your page, be sure that you are already logged into Pinterest when you click “convert existing account” to make things easier.

pinterest setup

Step Two: Fill Out Conversion Information

Once you hit the “convert your existing account” button, you’ll be taken to a page where you are asked to fill out the correct business information for your company. As you can see, we previously had to call our Business name “Krista Neher” after our CEO. It was a bit confusing because our followers didn’t know if it was our business page or Krista’s personal Pinterest. I can now choose what type of business we have, put myself as the contact person because I run the page, and change the business name to Boot Camp Digital so that there’s no confusion on the page. It definitely makes your brand easily recognizable.

pinterest setup

Step Three: Convert Your Account!

There’s also a section for you to enter a little information about your company, and a place to clarify your website address. Then keep scrolling down. Once you agree to the Terms of Service, click “Convert Account.”

pinterest setup

Step Four: Verify Your Website

Pinterest will take you to this page and show you how to get started with your business account:

pinterest setup

Click on the red button that says “Verify Website.” You’ll be taken to a page where you download your own personal “HTML verification file” for your website.

pinterest setup

Click on this HTML link and save the file to your computer. You will then have to log into your domain and then upload it to your domain. You should be looking for the “docroot.” Since everyone manages their website with different software, we can’t go into detail on uploading the verification file. Just Google “how to upload Pinterest HTML verification file” and the name of your website host, such as Word Press. Below is a picture of what it looked like when we uploaded it:

pinterest setup

Once it’s uploaded, you should be taken to this page:

pinterest page when page is verified

Simply click the red button that says “Go To Pinterest” and you’ll be back to the previous page, where you can select “Click here to complete the process.” Pinterest should say “We successfully verified your website! Go to your profile.” And you are all set! Now you can go back to looking at picture of cute cats or… perhaps… some awesome social media infographics!

Stay tuned for a blog post detailing what new features you can expect with Pinterest Business pages!

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