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4 Shocking Stats About Social Media Measurement, and What It Means for Your Business

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Jul 03 2013

Within the social media statisticsnext 5 years, marketers are expected to spend 19.5% of their budgets on social media marketing, which is nearly 3 times as much as their current spending. The problem is that although most businesses are active on social media, most of them don’t know how to measure their social media efforts.

Measuring your social media efforts shows you what works, what doesn’t, and how you can optimize your time and energy to focus only on what is getting you the results you want. We’ve chosen 4 shocking statistics about companies measuring social media today from a HubSpot article so that you know how far ahead you can get if you start focusing on measurement now.

Shocking Statistic #1: 53% of Social Media Marketers Don’t Measure Their Efforts

Even though tons of businesses and brands are now active on social networks, 53% of them have no clue if their efforts are making any difference. If you aren’t measuring your results, reach, fans, and more on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you have no idea what content is increasing your brand awareness and what content is not getting any engagement, or worse – what content is making you look bad.

Shocking Statistic #2: 56% of Companies Struggle to Efficiently Analyze Information from Their Social Networks

Of the companies that are working to measure their social media marketing efforts, over half of them have difficulty extracting information and knowing how to analyze it. Attaining your social media reports is only half the work – once you have it, you have to know how to view reports, analyze your growth or lack thereof, and figure out what you can do to constantly improve your strategy. Most companies are failing to recognize that social media measurement training is crucial to increasing the Return on Investment from their social media.

Shocking Statistic #3: 54% of Marketers Said the Hardest Part of Measuring Social Media ROI is the Inability to Link Social Media to Solid Business Results

Many marketers get too overwhelmed in trying to gauge the Return on Investment from Social Media, and they fail to realize there are tons of ways that you can measure actual business results from social media. With proper training on the right social media measurement tools and strategies, you can learn everything you need to know about analyzing your efforts and proving that social media marketing is worth time, investment, and energy.

Shocking Statistic #4: Of Those That Measure Their Efforts, 96% Measure Fans/Followers, 89% Measure Traffic, and 84% Measure Mentions

If you need some good ideas about what kinds of statistics you want to measure, these are all great starting points. Measuring fans and followers and measuring mentions are both great ways to see who’s promoting you online, who’s talking about you, and how you can encourage this to continue and grow. Measuring traffic will show you how many people have come to your site directly from a social media site. If you’re unsure of where to start with your social media measurement, use these leads as a great starting point!

Measuring social media clearly can be tough, but it’s 100% necessary. If you get the right training and use the right tools, you can optimize your social media marketing efforts to guarantee success. If you, like most professionals, need more help, check out our upcoming Measuring Social Media training class – a new half day training program in Cincinnati!


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