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5 of the Biggest Social Media Trends for 2014

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Patrick Carroll

Nov 25 2013


Social media exploded in 2013, again, and there’s no indication that social media growth will slow. As we’ve been preparing for our Social Media Trends and Planning 2014 program next week we’ve  been focusing on highlighting future trends that will keep you in front of your customers and a step ahead of your competition.

1. Ads Spending

Instagram just launched it’s first ad, twitter’s ad platform continues to launch more robust tools, and you can’t get a “Like” on Facebook anymore without spending a few bucks. Freedom ain’t free, and neither is social media, anymore. Social networks now have to make money and business ads are the ticket.

2. Google+

No matter how frustrating and confusing Google+ for business is, it’s integration into YouTube, business listings, and search results makes it a must have.  This network is changing constantly and dedicating even a small amount of time to optimizing your Google+ is sure to pay dividends as it gains more and more traction. .

3. Visual

The fastest growing networks this year were all visual social media. If your company hasn’t started pinning you may be a step behind. Embrace your inner photographer because Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine are here to stay.

4. Facebook

1 Billion users means it isn’t going anywhere, but it’s safe to say we can adjust our priorities because organically reaching your audience is nearly impossible. Big brands are still here spending massive advertising dollars on the >1billion users, but those without big budgets need not apply. Other networks that allow you to organically present your content to your audience like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest deserve more attention from anyone outside the Fortune 100.

5. ROI and Measurement

Now that everyone has started using social media, it’s no longer effective just being there. It’s time for all businesses to 

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