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5 Tactics for Creating High-Impact Video That Converts from Jeff Rizzo, CEO of RizKnows

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Jeff Rizzo, RizKnows

Melissa Byers

May 17 2019

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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Rizzo of RizKnows, an extremely popular product review site, to talk about his social video strategy and how it’s earned him tons of subscribers and income. He shared five tips for creating high-impact video that converts.

1. Be authentic

The first key success is knowing who your audience is, what they like, and then genuinely talking to them about it. Jeff does product reviews at RizKnows. He is frugal. His family is frugal. His friends are frugal. His fan-base is frugal. So when he talks to them about whether or not a product is a good deal or of good value, he relates because he’s answering the questions he would ask. If you can hit that note with your audience, you’re golden.

2. Be mindful about how much time you put into it

The “ums” and “uhs” are okay. Unless you’re a professional actor or actress, no one expects your videos to be perfect. Nor is it worth the extra time it would take to script, rehearse, shoot (and re-shoot, and re-shoot, and re-shoot), and intensely edit your video. Don’t let a desire to be perfect get in your way.

3. Let people do what they’re good at

At RizKnows they have a team of video producers. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s atypical for businesses of that size. So why do they do it? Because it makes sense for them.

So many of their leads and a significant amount of income are generated from their videos. The cost of the team is an investment that pays off.

What’s also important though is that after Jeff records a video – something he’s naturally good at – he hands it off to his team of video producers. They’re good at editing and posting. Jeff doesn’t waste his time muddling through the part of the process that bogs him down. He values his time and talent enough to not waste them on tasks that aren’t his forte.

4. Be strategic in the purpose of your video

Don’t do video for the sake of doing video. Tell people what you want them to do. Like, comment, share, subscribe, and click are just some of the options.

Set a clear objective for the video and go after it. Video is one of the most popular types of social content out there. Don’t waste it!

5. Just do it!

If Nike didn’t snag it, they might have cashed in on that tagline!

It’s common to obsess over video. Whether it’s because you’re uncomfortable on camera or you’re stressing about production quality, keep in mind that no one ever sees a video you don’t publish.

Create something and get it out there. You can always edit it later or even delete it. But publish something. Anything. And Jeff is certain that the more you do it, the better you’ll get at producing video that generates income for your business.

Special thanks to Jeff Rizzo for sharing his story with us. You can connect with Jeff on LinkedIn and check out his RizKnows videos on YouTube.

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