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6 Spots Where Online Reviews Take Place

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Krista Neher

Jan 03 2023

Where Do Online Reviews Take Place?

Online reviews can take place and be displayed in many different places. Based on your industry and business, you may use one or more of these sources of reviews to establish your credibility.

On Your Website

Reviews and testimonials are a part of most websites. Almost every site you see has a review or testimonial strategy to build trust and close sales. You can also solicit reviews or testimonials on your site – this functionality is especially common for eCommerce sites.


Facebook Pages set as local businesses (where people enter the business) has reviews. This platform often shows up at the top of search results, and if you have a star rating, the star will display directly in the search engine results, as you can see in the image below.


If you have a Google My Business listing, reviews are a key part of your listing and important in building your credibility with Google. Many positive reviews can lead to higher rankings in Google local search results.

Career Rating Sites

I recently worked with a B2B business and when you searched their name, the first thing that appeared after their business sites was a 1-star rating on a site where employees rate their employer. Even if hiring and recruiting aren’t a part of your strategy, having strong ratings on career sites can represent your company positively.

Industry Specific Sites

There are rating and review sites for almost every niche or industry. From Rate My Professor to Yelp to Trip Advisor to Software Reviews to Dentist Reviews, there are review sites for everything. For instance, know which review sites matter for your business and ensure you are positively represented there.

Association Sites

Reviews may also appear on trade or association websites. For example, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has a reviews section in addition to their complaints and ratings. Check for relevant association sites that have positive listings.

Power Tip:

Search your business name + reviews and your competitor name + reviews to see what shows up. This can give you ideas of the review sites to target for your business.

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