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6 Things To Look For In A Social Media Certification Program

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Social Media Certification

Patrick Carroll

Feb 13 2014

Thinking about a social media certificate? Make sure not to waste your money by checking for these 6 features in a course. 

On-Demand Access

Fitting a social media certificate into a busy day is not always easy. Having the ability to start and stop at your convenience gives you a better chance of completing the program in a reasonable amount of time. 

Live Supplemental Sessions

Even though many social media certification online programs boast on-demand comprehensive lesson plans, being able to ask specific questions about your business or profession is often the most valuable experience. Having informal discussions with experts can produce in-depth analysis that wouldn’t otherwise be covered. 

Live Assistance

Online training programs are beginning to offer live assistance for participants who are struggling with the technology or the materials at hand. Choosing a social media certification program with live customer assistance is a good way to prevent any future headaches. 

Continued Mastery

Social media is an industry that hasn’t stopped evolving since its inception. Online social media training programs pride themselves on staying up-to-date, presenting relevant useful knowledge. However, many programs don’t offer continued education after certification completion. Being a social media expert requires you to stay on top of changes in the industry; programs that don’t offer post-certification expertise classes are missing the boat.   

Internet Marketing

Social media should always be considered as part of the broader internet/digital marketing picture. Social media’s importance in digital strategy is exploding and programs that leave SEO, blogging, and advertising out of the lesson plan are doing their students a disservice. 

Comprehensive Lesson Plan

A social media certification implies a mastery in all of the most popular tools, including visual social networks, management, and measurement tools. Programs that are leaving out platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and tools like Hootsuite, may not be worth your time. 

Check out our infographic below that showcases popular social media certification programs and see which one is right for you. Learn more about our program here: Boot Camp Digital Social Media Certification 

Social Media Certification

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