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7 Deadly Sins of Digital Content (Infographic)

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7 Deadly sins of digital content

Krista Neher

Apr 01 2021

Digital content optimization is vital to your success in online marketing. The devil is in the details, and small changes can make all the difference.


  • Online attention spans are shorter
  • You need to EARN attention
  • Algorithms prefer stuff people like
  • Digital competition is FIERCE
  • People are easily distracted

The reality is that STILL, too much content isn’t suited to digital. It is boring. It is cluttered. It is complicated. It is self-centered.

Are you committing any of the 7 Deadly Sins of digital content?

7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing Infographic

  1. Sin #1 – Designing videos and images horizontal.

    More views are happening on mobile, so you should always design for mobile-first. Vertical or square work best.

  2. Sin #2 – Thinking only about yourself

    In an algorithm-driven world content that people are interested in gets more views and better results. Even with paid. Focus first on value to your audience.

  3. Sin #3 – Being boring.

    Competition for attention is fierce. You are competing against tons of relevant and interesting content online. Make your content stand out by being interesting.

  4. Sin #4 – Too many ideas.

    One idea per post or piece of content. Too many ideas in an image, video or text just creates confusion. People spend an average of under 2 seconds on your digital content. Make sure you can convey your main point in that amount of time.

  5. Sin #5 – Not being conversational.

    Social media should be social! Gain more exposure by being conversational. Tag other people, pages or groups. Use hashtags. Build a community around your content.

  6. Sin #6 – Writing loooooooooong paragraphs.

    People don’t read online. They scan. Don’t use long paragraphs – people don’t have time to read them.

    Shorten ideas. Use bullets. Try emojis.

  7. Sin #7 – Using too many (and too complex) words.Regardless of what you are trying to convey SHORT SENTENCES. Easy to read. Easy to digest.

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