7 Steps to Building a Social Media Training Program [SlideShare]

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Patrick Carroll

Oct 25 2013

Step 1. Survey your Organization

Assess the knowledge and skill of your employees. Understanding their knowledge and skill levels will help you decide what they need to learn.

Step 2. Determine your Learning Objectives

What do you want your training to achieve? Better customer service through social media? Maybe you want better, more engaging content production. Identify these objectives to create a targeted approach to training.

Step 3. Compare Current State vs Ideal State

How would you describe your organization’s social media now? Does that fall short? If so, how would you like it to be described in the future? Knowing where you are and where you NEED to go allows you to establish benchmarks in the process.

Step 4. Consider your Resources

Training costs time and money. Consider how much you need spend to reach your Ideal State and if it will provide a positive ROI.

Step 5. Consider the Best WAY to Deliver your Training

Online, In-person, with a digital library? After considering your resources you should have a basic idea of your limitations. Live training can be the most beneficial but also the most expensive. It’s important to consider the method that will provide easy, engaging access to your training so that you’re not wasting your resources.

Step 6. Create + Deliver the Training

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A good social media training program should consider multiple ways to learn over time. Social media is fast changing landscape that can’t be conquered without continued training.

Step 7. Assess the Effectiveness of the Training

Track your progress towards the ideal state. No training is perfect. Understand what you’re lacking and adjust your training to fill the gaps.

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