7 Types of Videos to Add into Your Video Marketing Strategy

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Krista Neher

Aug 11 2015

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From Cat Videos to Unboxing Videos, Cute Kids to TED Talks, VIDEO IS HOT! YouTube alone has over 4 billion videos uploaded every day (not counting videos uploaded directly to Facebook). 4 billion videos uploaded … EVERY DAY!!

Your videos have A LOT of competition!

Or, maybe they just have A LOT of opportunity to engage your customers, clients, buyers!

Video marketing is NOT right now and we’ve been researching how businesses can better take advantage of this powerful medium, so I wanted to share a sneak peak at some of the content that we’re including in our latest training.

Video is extraordinarily important as a part of a digital marketing strategy, yet many businesses aren’t sure where to start. Here are 10 different types of videos that could be a part of your video marketing strategy.

  1. Explainer Video on Your Home Page – An explainer video is what it sounds like; it is a video that explains what you do. Explainer videos are popping up on all types of websites, from lawyer websites to startups to accountants. An explainer video is typically animated and it simply and clearly explains your value proposition.
  2. Welcome Videos on Your Home Page – An explainer video focuses on what you do and explaining your value proposition, some professions simply require a welcome video that acquaints customers with their business. For example a Dentist may create a welcome video on their homepage that makes them approachable and answers any questions.
  3. How-To Videos – Showing people how to do something via video is a simple and easy way to provide value. As you think about your business and industry, what can you teach people how to do?
  4. Q&A Video – Do you have commonly asked questions? Why not answer them via video – it can be faster and easier than writing a blog post, and helps your audience to get to know you.
  5. Product Demo Video – if you have a great product, why not show it off with a short demo video. Many companies have reported dramatic increases in their sales when they add a product demo video to the mix. (Again – even videos of just taking your product out of the packaging – Unboxing videos – are getting massive views!)
  6. Testimonial Videos – Testimonials are VERY powerful tools to show your prospects that they will have a great experience with you and to overcome and objections or concerns that they may have. Consider recording video testimonials for your website.
  7. Meet the Staff Videos – Depending on your industry and the nature of your business, people want to know what to expect when they walk through the doors. Show them with a video that lets them know exactly who they will be working with.


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  1. Krista: That’s it in a nutshell! And research shows that companies with at least three videos are perceived as experts more often than companies that don’t use videos. It’s time for everyone to start building a library of video content. Don’t forget they can also be re-purposed all throughout social media, blogs, and in email newsletters.

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