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70% of HR Pros have Disqualified a Candidate Because of their Online Reputation

According to a new survey by Microsoft, Online reputation matters more than you think.

  • 70% of HR Professionals have disqualified a candidate due to their online reputation.
  • Only 15% of consumers think that their online reputation matters in their job search.

Yikes. HR Pros and Recruiters are actively using online reputation in assessing candidates, yet candidates don’t seem to think it matters.  Clear disconnect.  If you are looking for a job WAKE UP! It matters.  Worry about your reputation before you are looking for a job.

  • 63% of consumers think that their online reputation may impact their personal/professional life.
  • Less than 50% consider their reputation when posting comment.

Again, clear disconnect.  You know that what you post online could impact your persona life, but when posting content online you don’t think about it.  Think. Before you post something online think about how it impacts your personal reputation.  Are you OK with that?

There is Good News.

86% of HR professionals (and at least two thirds of those in the U.K. and Germany) stated that a positive online reputation influences the candidate’s application to some extent; almost half stated that it does so to a great extent.

So think before you post.  It may make more of a difference than you think.

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