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8 Steps to a Strategic and Successful Digital Marketing Plan (Infographic)

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8 steps to a strategic digital marketing plan

Krista Neher

Apr 15 2021

Success in digital marketing all starts with a strategic plan.  Starting with a clear plan is vital to your success. It maps out the pathway from idea to execution to optimization.

Many people confuse a digital marketing strategy with a plan. A strategy is only part of the plan. The strategy articulates the purpose of digital marketing, and how it contributes to your business goals.

The plan is broader. It is your roadmap for success that starts with analysis and exploration and ends with optimization.

Check out the 8 Steps to a Strategic and Successful Digital Marketing Plan Infographic:

8 Steps to a Digital Marketing Plan Infographic

  1. Listen and Assess the Landscape

    Start by listening. Listen and observe to understand where your opportunities are. There are foud things to listen to: yourself (analyze your performance), your competitors, your industry, and your target audience.

    This should inspire ideas and set the groundwork.

  2. Define Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Define specifically what you want to achieve. The clearer your strategy, the better your results.

    Use the GSOT framework to map out your goals, strategies, and objectives.

  3. Clarify Your Target Audience

    Define your target audience as specifically as possible. Don’t worry about being too specific. The more specific you are the better you’ll be able to focus your plan.

  4. Determine Your Content

    Build your content plan. This should include high-level topics or categories that you’ll post about as well as ideas for specific topics.

    Be sure that your content meets the following criteria. First, it should be valuable to the audience. Second,  it should be valuable and relevant to your business. Finally, it should link clearly to your business goals.

  5. Identify the Channels

    Once you know your goals, target, and content, determine the channels you’ll use to connect with your audience.

    Remember that less is more. Do a few things well vs. many things poorly or “just ok”.

  6. Implement with Best Practices

    Build your detailed implementation plan. This should include how often you’ll post as well as the best practices you’ll use.

    The devil is in the details when it comes to digital. Make sure you optimize your content to extend your impact.

  7. Track and Measure

    If you don’t regularly measure your performance you’ll never know what is and isn’t working.

    Set clear KPIs for each channel and content performance. Have benchmarks so you know what success looks like. Do a monthly “start, stop, continue” check-in to drive accountability.

  8. Adjust and Improve

    If you aren’t agile and adaptive, you’ll waste your money. Digital provides unprecedented feedback on performance. BUT you have to check the data and you have to act.

    Build this into your plan.

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