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Announcing Advanced LinkedIn Training: Growing Results By Connecting

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Patrick Carroll

Mar 07 2014

You’ve already created a stunning profile, you’ve connected with most everyone you can think of, but nothing is happening. LinkedIn is a social network that can help grow your business by driving leads, creating greater brand awareness, and connecting with amazing partners. However, simply being present on LinkedIn isn’t going to get real results.  The Advanced LinkedIn Course will teach participants exactly how to leverage groups, pages, and exciting tools like LinkedIn Pulse so they can see real results from their LinkedIn activity.  

As LinkedIn continues to grow, more and more opportunities are available for companies to leverage it as a business building resource. Taking advantage of the cutting edge strategies and tools can produce astounding results that are typically unexpected from social networks.

One of the first steps for seeing results on LinkedIn is joining groups. Connecting with groups on LinkedIn and interacting with professionals in your industry can be a great way to boost leads and position your self as a thought leader in the community. We’ll teach you our favorite creative strategies to grow your audience by leveraging groups

LinkedIn TrainingCreating and managing optimized company page is another skill we’ll be teaching in the training. Standard company pages on LinkedIn leave a lot to be desired. With our training, you’ll learn exactly how to create an effective company page with products, reviews, and great content that LinkedIn users will want to follow and share.

We use LinkedIn DAILY in order to build our business and want you to learn how to do the same. If you’re interested in LinkedIn Company Pages, Advertisements, generating leads or just developing a solid strategy, join us March 21st at 1pm for Advanced LinkedIn: Growing Results by Connecting. If you can’t join us live, we welcome you to view the recorded version afterwards. 


Length: 75 minutes

Early Bird Investment: $27 (limited rate)


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