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Announcing New Cincinnati Workshop – Getting More Done

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Apr 09 2012

We are so excited to announce our NEW training program – Getting More Done!  This workshop will show business professionals how to get more done with less time with free and simple technologies. 

By taking the time to learn ONE new technology each month that saves 5 minutes a day, business professionals can save 21,900 minutes or 365 hours a year!  The Getting More Done Training program is focused on how technology can become an enabler of productivity.



With email, social networks and managing multiple priorities, many business professionals are overwhelmed.

This program will get you on track to reclaiming your time and productivity! 


During this intensive half-day you will learn how to put yourself on the path to saving 365 hours a year (which is over 9 weeks of work) just by using simple, free technologies.

  • Secrets of getting more done revealed
  • A roadmap for how to save 21,900 minutes a year
  • In-depth look at 12 technologies that can save you 5 minutes a day
  • Tools to saving time and energy
  • Tips to managing email more effectively with less time
  • Strategies and tactics for successful implementation of the technology a month method
  • Resources for more time saving tools/tips and tricks
  • Accountability system to keep you on track


“The best part is that you don’t have to be a technologist, or even tech savvy to do this.  I hate learning new technologies, just for the sake of it.  This program will show you how anyone, just like you, can start saving massive amounts of time and reclaiming hundreds of hours, just by making a small commitment to learning new technologies.” says Krista Neher, Boot Camp Digital CEO.

Boot Camp Digital’s past classes have sold out prior to the training, so it is important to register in advance. 

Don’t Delay!  REGISTER NOW

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