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Instagram Love Starts With a D.A.T.E.

Melissa Byers

Jun 26 2018

If you post it, Instagram engagement won't immediately come. It's a tough lesson, but let me help you learn it quickly. Recently at an air show, I had the great privilege of seeing it three times. Don't ask. My husband...
October 2018 digital marketing news updates

June 2018 Digital Marketing News Updates

Melissa Byers

Jun 06 2018

June 2018 Digital Marketing News Updates We sort through the latest and greatest in digital marketing news updates each month so you don't have to! Below is a list of changes relevant to digital marketers, along with explanations of why...

Keyword FAQ: Why, How, and What + 2 Cool Tools

Melissa Byers

Apr 17 2018

Why do I need keywords and what do I do with them? Isn’t it most important to create engaging content? Shouldn’t I be thinking about my content strategy more than keywords? The answer is yes and no. Think of keywords...
San Francisco digital marketing workshop

Limited Seats Remain! Digital Marketing Workshop in San Francisco: June 26-29, 201

Melissa Byers

Mar 27 2018

Digital Marketing Training Workshop in San Francisco Why wait for outstanding digital marketing training when you can join us in San Francisco, CA in just a few weeks! There are a few seats left in our next workshop. One of...
Pros and cons of LinkedIn Unlisted Groups

What are the pros and cons of unlisted LinkedIn groups?

Melissa Byers

Mar 20 2018

Groups on any social platform can be an incredible tool, but only if you're using them strategically. We recently had a question asking the pros and cons of an unlisted LinkedIn group and how to grow them. Boot Camp Digital's...
Do you C.A.R.E. about influencers

Do You C.A.R.E. About Your Influencer Program Best Practices?

Melissa Byers

Jan 16 2018

For some, working with influencers can feel like a no-brainer. Find folks with huge followings, get them to talk about your product or service in a positive way, and boom, instant results. But it's not that easy. You know influencers...
10 Top 2017 Posts that will shape your 2018 digital marketing strategy

Our Top 2017 Posts to Shape Your 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy

Melissa Byers

Dec 27 2017

Smart marketers will use their 2017 analytics to help shape their 2018 digital marketing strategy. We're just like you. We take time at the end of the year to review analytics that often drive strategy for the upcoming new year....
ftc influencer guidelines

Operating within the FTC Influencer Disclosure Guidelines

Melissa Byers

Dec 19 2017

Influencer marketing is absolutely everywhere. Whether you hire a celebrity to take a photo with your product, a blogger to use it in a recipe, or simply offer a percentage of the sale price to anyone with a social media...
targeting the c-suite on social media

10 Tips for Targeting the C-Suite on Social Media

Melissa Byers

Dec 05 2017

The C-Suite’s use of social media is on the rise. Honestly, whose isn't? It's information on how unique audience groups use it, however, that sharpens our ability to target them. The C-Suite is no different. 66% of C-Suite use social...
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