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Google Makes a Liar out of Me Regularly

Allison Chaney

Dec 18 2018

When I teach a 4-Day Boot Camp, one of the jokes I make at the beginning of class is that by the end of the week, Google (or at least one of the social networks or tools that I demo)...

Social Media Question: What’s the best way to monitor audience activity?

Krista Neher

Jun 22 2017

"Which is best to monitor audience activity on social media? Likes and follower? I’m also looking at frequency of post of competitors and acquisition of followers and shedding. I'm also interested in tracking follow backs and DM followers." Want to...

Social Media Question: How can I be more efficient with Google+?

Krista Neher

Jun 12 2017

I am posting on Google + and am writing responses to posts in “people” and “communities.” Is there an easier, more efficient way to group the relevant type of posts? Sadly, the answer is no. To begin with, Google+ engagement...

How We Increased Our Pinterest Followers by 100%

Erin Hertzenberg

Jul 11 2013

Pinterest is an huge social media network that is improving and expanding the image of businesses and personal brands. But many people still struggle to draw in followers to their business account on Pinterest.  How do you increase your numbers...

The Key to Earning Attention Online

Erin Hertzenberg

Jun 17 2013

Many companies spend time and money everyday to advertise their name.  What many companies do not understand however is the difference between annoying their audience (Interruption Marketing) and giving them the information that they need  and want (Permission Marketing).  Take...

5 Incredible Social Media Statistics for 2013


Jun 08 2013

Social media has been consistently growing in importance since its inception, and 2013 has been the biggest year for social media yet. Social networks are reaching record-breaking numbers of users, over 88% of businesses are active on social media, and...
This week in social media

This Week’s Updates in Social Media


Jun 07 2013

Social media seems like it's changing every second, and it seems nearly impossible to stay up-to-date with all of the changes, new apps, news, and more. We've decided to put together a weekly summary of the important social media stories...

Want to Pay Just $1 for Social Media Training?


Jun 03 2013

One of our most popular training services at Boot Camp Digital is our Social Media All Access Pass. It's an all-inclusive membership program that gives you access to monthly webinars that cover everything you need to know about growing your...

8 Benefits of Making a Pinterest Business Profile

Erin Hertzenberg

May 30 2013

Pinterest now allows users to make a business profile on the network, instead of just a personal one. Let’s take a look at eight benefits of adding a business profile on Pinterest. 1. Just like your personal account, you have...
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