Chat with Goldie Chan at #SXSW, LinkedIn Influencer, on Personal Branding

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SXSW, LinkedIn

Allison Chaney

Mar 09 2019

We’re at #SXSW, catching a chat with Goldie Chan, Top Voice and LinkedIn learning instructor, also known as “the Oprah of Linkedin.” Goldie shared three big tips about how to build an interesting and engaging standout personal brand using LinkedIn and the entire social media system.

She said, “We need a personal brand that gets us seen and heard in the RIGHT WAY by the RIGHT PEOPLE.”

Who, what, why – these are the three parts of personal branding


Who are you trying to reach? Who is your audience? Who do you want to be seen by? The next person who will give you a job, or more eyeballs on your brand. Answer depends on your objects, but narrow it down even more. Even use “personas.”  Where do they live online, what are their online habits, where do they live offline? This helps inform how you can reach your target audience.


What will we be serving to the who? Video content? Written content (short messages, articles on LinkedIn or Medium, captions for our videos or images?). How do you best express yourself? Are you natural on video? Where do you feel most comfortable? Some feel best expressing themselves through writing.


What’s your purpose? Why are we even creating this content? Why should THEY care? Whats in it for them?

It’s about them. It’s not about us. What specific value do you provide? Maybe you’re creating videos about something that they’ve only seen text about. Maybe they’ve only seen content on Twitter but not LinkedIn. Know your why.

The key takeaways:

Goldie said, “Your personal brand is not about you – it’s about serving valuable targeted content for your audience. Yet the power of the personal brand = I can do think and you’ll listen to me.”

Add value in your content. But even this term is losing meaning. Giving a free part of course is part of the sales funnel, not adding value. Adding value means giving audience what they really need, not necessarily what they want, but what they need. And you give to them freely without requiring anything.

What do big brands look for when looking to align with influencers? True influence means you can you move the needle for them. You need to have a clearly defined niche. The more niche the better. If you try to have a brand where everyone loves you, it’s not going to happen for you. It’s not how you build a personal brand. Try to reach an audience that your content and voice resonates with. THIS is useful, relevant, and good.

Thank you to Goldie for the amazing insight and for LinkedIn for providing the opportunity to participate in this event.

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