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Just released: Chicago Digital Marketing Training Workshop Details

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Chicago digital marketing training workshop

Melissa Byers

May 18 2017

Hold onto your hats, Windy City, because Boot Camp Digital is headed your way again with an outstanding Chicago Digital Marketing Training Workshop! We’re offering two- and four-day workshops covering internet marketing, social media, and digital marketing from September 26-29, 2017, back again at the beautiful AON Center.

This year we’re presenting three fast-paced and hands-on options for workshop attendees. The first two days feature our online marketing course, the second set of days is the social media training, or combine all four for a complete digital marketing experience.



3 Keys to Success for our Chicago Digital Marketing Training Workshop

  1. You’ll walk away with deep knowledge of digital marketing foundations. Your online and social media strategy will produce far better results with proper cornerstones of digital marketing in place.
  2. You’ll be creating, editing, and optimizing your online presence while in the class, so you’ll leave with tangible products of your training. 
  3. Digital marketing and social media skills are in extremely high-demand. Consider the training an investment in your company’s success and your personal success.

Interactive, Up-to-the-minute, Expertise

It’s not the information that makes Boot Camp different. It’s how we present it.

Other workshops have you scribbling furiously in legal pads to take back to your desk on Monday, attempting to decipher random groupings of words like, “digital boost tag reach.” What the heck does that mean? We don’t know either, but in our training, you won’t have to figure it out.

We give you an iPad Mini on day one of your training. It’s yours to work on during the instruction and to keep. There’s no better way to learn than by doing.

You also get:

  • expert instruction taught by our highly-qualified trainers.
  • step-by-step instructions that you’ll actually work through in real time.
  • reference resources including checklists, QuickStart Guides, templates, and more.
  • copies of Krista Neher’s best-selling books, “Visual Social Media Marketing: Harnessing Images, Instagram, Infographics, and Pinterest to Grow Your Business Online” and “Visual Social Marketing for Dummies”
  • continuous Q&A

Is our Chicago Digital Marketing Training Workshop for you?

Our workshop isn’t a mega-conference. We limit enrollment to 20 registrants because we fully embrace the individual training needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or have been in a digital marketing/social media role for several years. We start at the beginning and build a comprehensive understanding, giving you everything you need to execute strategy before you leave. But even then, we’re not done.

Once you return home, the training keeps going. You get:

  • Continued online training,
  • Monthly webinars covering social media and digital marketing news, features, and updates
  • Access to our trainers to get answers to your questions.

Don’t wait – seats are filling up!

CLICK HERE to learn more or register for our Chicago Digital Marketing Training Workshop. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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