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Cincinnati Businesses Participate in Social Media

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Krista Neher

Aug 09 2012

Last month we published our Infographic on Social Media in Cincinnati.  I wanted to take a moment to re-share the infographic and to specifically share some thoughts on the Business use of Social Media in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Companies are Highly Social

When we began research for the infographic I was pleasantly surprised with just how social Cincinnati companies are.  81% of Cincinnati brands participate in social media, and 77% of companies manage their own social media.  This puts participation by Cincinnati companies above most of the national averages that I have seen (there isn’t a direct apples to apples comparison of this).  Not only are the companies present, but they are actively engaging with their customers.  63% of Cincinnati brands are prepared to respond to customers within hours.  WOW!

This is an encouraging statistic for me.  3 – 4 years ago when I spoke to businesses about social media, many of them still needed convincing on social media and the value.  It seems that now most businesses are active, and those who aren’t probably have some catching up to do.

Preparation is an Opportunity

While it is encouraging that Cincinnati companies are active in social media marketing, it seems that preparation is still a big opportunity.  I was surprised to see that 77% of companies manage social media internally, yet only 30% have some kind of training.  Cincinnati has a wide range of training options and businesses should consider some sort of a social media training curriculum and budget for those managing social media.  The social media landscape changes quickly, making it very important to invest in keeping knowledge and skills up-to-date.  Whether it is through webinars, online or live training, sharpening your social media savvy should be a priority for everyone in the field (I still invest in training).

Also surprising is the percent of businesses that don’t have a social media policy.  Only 43% of businesses have a social media policy, yet most of them are responding within a few hours.  A social media policy is helpful to be sure that employees understand how their behavior online can impact your organization.  Additionally a social media policy provides guidance on how the people at the ground level should be using social media.

In Case You Missed It…. Here is the Infographic Again….

Embed the Cincinnati Social Media Infographic on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below (this infographic is free to use and share with attribution).

<img src=”https://bootcampdigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Cincinnati-Social-Media-Infographic1.png” alt=”” width=”540″ />

Cincinnati Social Media – An infographic by the team at Boot Camp Digital Cincinnati Social Media Training

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