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Cincinnati Social Media Workshop – Measuring Social Media

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Oct 11 2011

Don’t miss our NEW Social Media Lunch Session this month!  Join our training on October 20th and learn how to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Marketing.  During this lunch session we’ll cover one of the biggest challenges in social media: Measuring Social Media. This session will showcase tools and creative approaches that can be used to assess the value of social media.

Measuring social media continues to be a hot topic that can be difficult to fully address.  There is no easy way to evaluate the significance of social media for businesses and count the exact number of dollars generated because of social media.  However, with the right tools and a creative way of thinking companies still can measure the level of success of their social media.

Details about this Social Media Lunch Session:

  • Topic: Measuring Social Media  ***REGISTER NOW!
  • Date: October 20, 2011
  • Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
  • Investment: $27 ***Lunch is included!
  • Special Offer: Buy 4 Lunches Get 1 FREE
  • Location: Boot Camp Digital,  1600 Main Street, M1, Cincinnati OH, 45202

This lunch session not only gives you insights on how to measure social media, it also includes FREE lunch as well as a summary of top news and trends in Social Media. This is a great way to learn something really useful for your business and grow your network by interacting with business professionals in your area.

“How do I know if Social Media is helping my business?  Does the success of our social media campaign depend on the number of our followers?  Do we generate any leads by using social media tools? These are very common questions for businesses that use social media and want to know if it is worth their time.” says Krista Neher, Boot Camp Digital CEO, “Measuring Social Media can be very challenging for companies.  During this social media marketing training program we will cover tools, tactics and important insights on measuring social media that will help companies to evaluate the impact of social media on their business.”

Please register in advance as previous seminars have sold out.

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