Cincinnati Training Space: Things To Consider When Booking A Training Space

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Feb 14 2011

In my experiences training groups about social media marketing, I have encountered a number of obstacles with renting out training spaces and venues.  Here are a few questions to ask and key things to look for when booking your training space

1. Is the space conducive to learning?

You want the space to provide a constructive learning environment for your audience.  The space should have as few distractions as possible so that you, as the presenter, don’t lose your audience’s engagement.

2. Is the space the right size for my audience?

The last thing you want is for you to be short on chairs. Make sure you get an idea of how the room is set up and the maximum amount of seating that is available.

3. Is there wireless Internet available?

A lot of business presentations require its audience to have laptops and Internet access.  Without wireless Internet, it makes business presentations and training sessions hard, especially for audience involvement and interaction.

4. Are refreshments provided?

Many places I have talked to have a catering fee or don’t provide any sort of complimentary refreshments.  With my training being the length that they are, I allow for a break half way through the session so that people can stretch their legs and grab a snack or beverage.  It’s one less thing you have to worry about when putting on these training events if coffee and a light snack are provided.

5. How technologically friendly is the space?

The majority of my training is presented through PowerPoint and involves Internet visuals.  Having the appropriate tools at these venues is important.  Make sure the tools are accessible and work properly.

6. Is there available parking?

The space you rent should be easily accessible for those attending your workshop or training session.  This accessibility will also help with the timeliness of your presentation – if parking isn’t an issue, your audience won’t be coming in late.

In the past 2 years of booking training space for running my popular social media boot camps, I have encountered a number of problems like those I just described.  Fortunately, this year Boot Camp Digital opened up its very own training space to avoid problems it has had in the past.  The new space offers free wireless Internet, PowerPoint projector, numerous electrical outlets, light snacks and beverages, free parking, and a room that can be configured to your needs. Our space is your space – let us help make your next corporate meeting a success.  For more information about the training space and how to book your next corporate meeting, visit https://bootcampdigital.com/training-facility/.

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