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Content Calendar Template That Actually Works

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content calendar template that works

Allison Chaney

Oct 27 2020

As a digital marketing and social media trainer, I get asked all the time “where can I find a content calendar template?” and the last thing people want to hear is “Just Google it. There are literally thousands of examples.” But that’s the reality of it. If you search for content calendar templates, you’ll find 1000’s. When you have too many choices, you’ll choose nothing.

So we are making it easy for you by sharing our content calendar template that actually works.

What are the benefits of a content calendar?

  • Increased efficiency. When you’re building a content calendar, you can organize the batches of content.
  • Includes approvals
  • Clear process for alignment
  • Matches content plan
  • Batches of content evaluated vs. plan
  • Better content over time Includes measurement/improvement/analysis

Steps to create a content calendar:

Step 1: Determine your topics:
Identify your main content buckets or topics that you will focus your content on. Turn your “buckets” into specific content posts. A good place to start is 3-5 buckets and 3-5 post ideas for each.

Step 2. Determine your channels:
As you learn about the digital channels available, you can determine what is the best fit for your business. Consider where your audience is, the type of content that works best on which platforms, and which channels are the best fit for your objectives.

Step 3. Choose your types & formats:
Determine the content types and formats you will build. Plan to create different types of content including news, reviews, how-to content, promotional content, etc. One post could take on many formats from text to image to video.

Step 4. Decide your frequency:
Determine how often you will post based on what is realistic for you, how often you have relevant content, how often your audience wants to see that relevant content and what is natural for the channel.

Step 5. Align on who, what, when:
Outline an accountability plan so the entire team is clear on who owns each task in the process and when to expect completion.

Step 6. Create a calendar:
Use our free content calendar template to organize your content ideas and map out a monthly posting plan.

Download the content calendar template and user guide and get started creating content today!

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