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December 2023 Digital News Updates

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December 2023 News Updates

Krista Neher

Dec 07 2023

Instagram, Meta, and Google all Give Gifts!

Members of our All Access Pass get the first look at the latest digital marketing news updates each month. We cover what matters to marketers during a live, interactive session and answer questions. We spend hours combing industry news sites looking for the most critical updates, so you don’t have to! December 2023 saw major updates from Google launching Gemini to Meta publishing its Post-Holiday Promotion Guide, check out all the digital marketing news here. 

Facebook and Meta News Updates

  • Meta Removes Cross-App Messaging: In a role reversal, you can no longer check your messages across Facebook and Instagram. This is due to rulings in the EU. We will see how long this lasts.
  • Meta Publishes New Post-Holiday Promotion Guide: Are you missing out on post-holiday promotions? Check out this data on how you can optimize your ad strategy.
  • Meta x Unit9 with NASA: This collaboration is a way to discover how mobile AR can enhance education. This space is all about community and connection and is worth checking out.

Instagram News Updates

Threads News Updates

X (Formerly Twitter) News Updates

AI News Update

  • Google Launches Gemini: Gemini launched today, and this AI is next level! It can interpret text, images, drawings, and more. Gemini has three levels and is still in beta for some of the platforms, and you can find Gemini Pro on Bard today.
  • Welcome Back Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI: November was a hard month for Sam Altman, but ultimately he returned to OpenAI. We look forward to seeing what this leads to for ChatGPT in 2024.

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