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Why a Digital Marketing Certification Is Worth Earning

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Chris Olson

Jun 19 2018

Digital Marketing Certification. Is it worth earning?

There are a lot of digital marketing certification programs out there and it’s often hard to tell which will provide you with the most value. However, before you ask yourself if (and which) a digital marketing certificate and training program is worth it, you should first define your goals. A good starting point is asking yourself this:

What is my main goal? 

Are you looking to get hired for a job (or a promotion)?

Companies and hiring managers put a lot of value in certifications, not only because they offer knowledge, but also they speak to a level of commitment. Think about it like this – What would if happen if you have completed a round of interviews and it’s down to you and one other candidate. You both have similar skillsets, experience, and perhaps have both provided a portfolio. One candidate has a certification and the other one doesn’t. Moreover, we all know how fast digital marketing technology and trends can change, learning new concepts helps keep you ahead of the curve.

Are you looking to improve your skills?

Maybe you feel confident and have had success in search marketing but want to improve your skills with social media marketing. Think about the competitive edge you could gain just by expanding your knowledge with Facebook. For example, let’s say you’re posting a few updates every week. How could you improve your content? How could you grow your following? Have you considered integrating Facebook Messenger into your strategy? There is always something new to explore with digital marketing and a training program can help you improve your current skillsets, producing better results.

Are you looking to gain new skills?

Perhaps you consider yourself to be a digital marketing newbie and need a good starting point to gain new skills and experience. If this is the case, find a training program that includes all aspects of digital marketing. For example, it’s best to learn both marketing fundamentals (strategy, content management, KPIs, A/B testing, etc.,) and technical details (Facebook Ads, Analytics, Instagram techniques, etc.).

Are you looking to create a stronger personal brand?

In addition to a portfolio, work experience/history, a digital marketing certification can help you create a better impression and further establish your brand as an expert. From freelancers to agencies, having a certification helps prove that you have experience and training in providing effective solutions.

In addition to these questions, look online and find out what skills are in demand and how you rank up (both from experience and personal confidence) against them. A great starting point is LinkedIn. You can search for people who work in the field and look at what skills they have on their profile. Additionally, you can search for jobs and find out what companies are looking for.

If you are still unsure of where you stand, we have a Digital IQ test which is great for getting an idea of your knowledge level. You can learn more about our Digital IQ test here.

Boot Camp Digital offers several certification options. In live workshops you can earn an Online Marketing Certification, Social Media Marketing Certification, or Digital Marketing Certification. Online, you can earn our Online Social Media Certification, For more information, email us at [email protected]

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