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90% of Employees Need Digital Skills but Only 12% of Workplaces Take Action

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Krista Neher

Jul 17 2018

A detailed study from the EU shows that digital skills are now required in almost every industry and workplace. Some of the key findings include:

  • Digital skills are required in almost all types of jobs
  • 98% of managers and 90% of professionals need digital skills
  • Loss of productivity and fewer customers are the main impacts of poor digital skills
  • 88% of workplaces have not taken action to tackle the lack of digital skills

The bottom line is that digital skills are now a requirement in almost any job in any industry, yet very few companies take action to support the development of the digital skills needed.

Here are 5 Actions Businesses can Take to Grow The Digital Skills in Their Organization:

  1. Clear Expectations

    The starting point is to set clear expectations for the skills required at each level of the organization. What is the skill needed for each role? What is the skill level today? Determine where you are and where you need to go.

  2. Level-set Digital Training

    A solid starting point for most businesses is a level-set digital training – for example Digital Foundations – to get everyone on the same page and speaking the same language. While there is an assumption that younger workers have more digital skills, this isn’t always the case. While they grew up with technology they aren’t necessarily business experts on it.

  3. On-Demand Training

    Level-set training is a strong starting point, but many employees will need more specialized skills to succeed in their roles – and they don’t know what they don’t know. In addition to “push” based training, “pull” training, where employees are able to access the training they need when they need it allows for enhanced skill building at the exact time that employees need it.

  4. Build a Learning Organization

    Formal training is great, but in order for skills to really grow you need a continuous learning environment. Employees should be encouraged to continuously learn and now treat training as a “check the box” activity. Learning comes in many forms, and building a culture that rewards learning is key.

  5. Refreshers and Reminders to Embed

    Embedding digital in an organization goes beyond single training workshops. Keep skills sharp with refreshers and reminders to really solidify the learning. Send emails, social media posts or even verbally share articles, news and tutorials to keep digital top-of-mind.

  6. Resources to Implement

    While training and content are great, in order to really impact job performance it is important to have the resources to implement. Provide checklists, guides and action planners (we provide these in all of our corporate digital marketing training programs) to drive ACTION and to act as a quick reference guide.

Embedding digital skills isn’t an easy task – and digital is fluid and changing, which means that continuous learning is key to your success.

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