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Digital Transformation Drives Results and ROI: Are you Harnessing the Power?

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Allison Chaney

Oct 13 2019

The Constellation Research Digital Transformation Study reports that digital transformation activities are yielding results with 68% of their respondents indicating a positive and provable ROI.

In the Deloitte study, The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here—are you ready?, 94% of respondents agreed that digital transformation is a top strategic priority for their organizations.

The numbers don’t lie.

If you’re ignoring digital, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your business online.

With that said, digital options can be overwhelming. It’s easy to spin your wheels and that’s why it’s important to be very strategic from the beginning.

Here’s where many businesses embarking on a digital transformation go wrong. Instead of thinking about the results they want to achieve with digital, they start with tools. They think they should be running search ads. They think they should go all in on a social media presence. They think they should dive into email marketing.

The reality is that while those are great examples of effective tools, if they aren’t paired with the right objectives, they won’t produce the result you’re after. No amount of creative, planning, strategy, or money can overcome this obstacle.

The second mistake businesses make is failing to think about impact. We’ve all heard, “there are no bad ideas” and that’s true. However all ideas shouldn’t be top priority. Determine where you can drive the biggest results and focus your energy there.

As you plan to incorporate more and more digital into your planning, think results first, and impact second to help you prioritize how you use your resources.

We work with companies large and small in their digital transformations. You can learn more and contact us here.

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