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Do I need a Digital Marketing Certification?

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Krista Neher

Feb 25 2021

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As a digital marketing certification company, you may expect our answer to be YES. But the truth is, it depends. Certification isn’t right for everyone. There are advantages, but that doesn’t mean that everyone needs one.

Whether or not you need a certification depends on your specific career goals.

That being said a certificate in digital marketing shows that you have a comprehensive understanding of digital and are able to demonstrate and apply that knowledge. This is helpful in most professional marketing or business roles.

As digital now makes up over 50% of marketing budgets and is only growing in importance, it is a great time to get certified to grow your career options.

What is a Digital Marketing Certification?

Digital marketing certification means you’ve earned a certificate that shows that you’ve demonstrated your knowledge and skill in digital marketing.

A certification isn’t just a piece of paper. It is attained by gaining deep knowledge and demonstrating that knowledge.

Do I Need a Digital Marketing Certification?

Whether or not you need a certification depends on your career goals. Not everyone needs a certificate.

When NOT to get a digital marketing certificate:

  • If you already have the skills and just want to execute
  • If you are running digital marketing for a small business and only care about driving results
  • If you don’t plan to change careers

When TO get a digital marketing certificate:

  • To demonstrate your skills on your resume
  • To keep career growth options open
  • To gain comprehensive knowledge
  • To be full-funnel marketer
  • To maintain quality long-term results
  • If you are new to the field
  • If you lack digital skills
  • You want deep knowledge (and to demonstrate it)

The bottom line is if you just want to execute you don’t need certification. Just take courses and grow your results. If you want to be a strategic marketer with comprehensive knowledge, a certification is a great choice.

Even if you specialize in one area of digital marketing, getting broad knowledge of the field will serve you well in the long run. Both in terms of your career and your results.

What Should I Look for in a Digital Marketing Certification?

There are many certifications out there. There are a few things you should specifically look for when choosing a certification program. How you weigh each factor will depend on your unique goals and priorities.

It may be tempting to take a certification that is easy to get. But keep in mind that a valid industry certification should include demonstration of both skills and application of the skills.

Here are the most important things to consider when assessing a certification program:

  • Is it comprehensive? Does it cover all of the relevant areas of digital marketing or only focus on one or two specialties?
  • Is it industry accredited? By who?
  • Does it include resources to implement learnings or only videos?
  • Do you take a test to demonstrate knowledge?
  • Are you also required to demonstrate skills?
  • Do you have access to instructors for questions?
  • How long do you keep access to the courses?
  • How long does it take to get certified?
  • Can you go at your own pace?
  • Is it taught by experienced practitioners?
  • Is it a respected company with a track-record of success?
  • Is the content up-to-date?
  • Do you get templates to implement everything?
  • Do they have positive online reviews?

It can be a challenge to find the right certification for you. Decide what you care about and what your specific needs are and choose a certification that works best for you.

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