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Does Your Digital Tone Pass The Test?

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Krista Neher

Aug 23 2022

Tone of Voice & Style Guides

Prior to diving into digital, it’s helpful to have strong style guides and a distinctive tone of voice for your business.

Power Tip: Spending time upfront defining your tone of voice and general style guidelines will make it easier to execute consistently on digital. With so many assets being created, and comments being responded to, having a clear idea of how you want to come across will save you time in the long run.

Many businesses have brand guidelines – the colors and logo formats that should be used to represent their business. It is helpful to consider how you want your brand to come across consistently online from a look and feel standpoint.

Determine your visual assets:

  • Logo 
  • Logo variants
  • Fonts
  • Design assets (icon, etc.)
  • Colors

Determine your tone of voice:

  • What should the brand sound like?
  • Are you funny or serious?
  • What is your distinctive voice?
  • What visual assets can you use?
  • How will you handle controversy?
  • What do you stand for?

Some businesses find it helpful to find a celebrity that embodies their brand. This can be a simple test of your content to ask – would this person say it in that way?

Action Item: Establish some quick tone of. voice and visual guidelines for your brand or business. These could be longer and well-established if you work for a large brand, or quickly written down for a small business or startup. Be sure that you have a distinctive tone of voice so your brand starts to consistently build an impression with your consumers!

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