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Best Practices For Managing Your Facebook Business Page

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Allison Chaney

Aug 08 2017

Why Do People Create Fake Accounts for Facebook Page Management?

Individuals are often concerned with not wanting their personal page connected to a business, and being added as an admin to your company page feels like you are connecting the two accounts. Businesses are concerned with people leaving a company and having to transfer ownership of the page (or simply adding the time of having to add/remove admins). So they create a fake personal account to use it as a login for managing the business page.

What are the Risks with Using a Facebook Dummy Account?

Creating a dummy account is against Facebook’s terms of service and usage (the following is straight from Facebook):


Facebook has been known to delete fake accounts which can result in losing your Page entirely. I’ve seen it happen. It’s real. But it’s not real fun.

How Should I Manage My Facebook Page Without a Fake Account? Facebook Business Manager Best Practices

This is why Facebook created the Business Manager – to give agencies and businesses a better way to manage Facebook Pages. Business Manager provides more transparency, better management tools, and a more robust interface for large pages with multiple administrators or agencies.

Follow these best practices for setting up and managing Facebook Business Manager.

  • Invite admins using their work email address. They will receive an email at their work address, with a link that will direct them to verify their address by logging in through their personal Facebook account. Although they must connect via their personal account, none of the info in the admin’s personal account will be shared with anyone in Facebook for Business and nothing they do in Facebook for Business will be shared to their personal page. Business and personal can really be kept separate.
  • Have a process in place for adding or removing employees promptly when they are hired or when they leave the company.

What is the Advantage of Using Facebook Business Manager?

There are a number of advantages of Facebook Business Manager including:

  • Separate personal and business accounts
  • Your ads are all managed in one place and you have complete visibility
  • Easier to add admins
  • Reduces distraction because you can now avoid going to your personal page first to access the business page

You’ll find that managing your company pages is now much easier. Plus, keeping business and personal separate when it comes to Facebook is almost always a great idea.

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