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Finding the Right Digital Marketing Training for Your Team: Job Based Training

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Krista Neher

Sep 22 2020

Finding the right digital marketing training for your team or organization can be a challenge. We’ve been training teams for 15 years.

What makes our training different is that we’ve specifically built our training to match job needs. Most trainings in digital marketing are built from beginner to advanced; and they all assume that you will be doing digital marketing.

We know that most marketers, agencies, consultants and executives aren’t going to be pushing buttons themselves. They need a strategic understanding and to know best practices without the technical hands on assumption that they’ll be implementing digital marketing.

Our training is designed for job skills.

Job Level Digital Marketing Training

We design our training based on the job needs that people have. Our training is organized around 4 levels: Essentials, Strategy, Management and Mastery.

Essentials: Essentials training is the foundational 101 digital marketing and social media training. This level focuses on digital literacy and fluency to be able to have a foundational understanding of digital channels.

Best or: All business professionals

Strategy: Strategy training is for those who are steering digital marketing, but not hands-on executing. These are typically brand managers, strategy focused agency roles, digital sales people and senior marketers. Strategy focuses on understanding when and how to use a tool and how to measure success. It doesn’t get in to the implementation or technical features.

Best for: Marketing professionals and decision-makers

Management: Management level is for those implementing. Management level covers all the bases in terms of how to get started and best practices. This is the foundational implementation knowledge.

Best for: Digital marketers or marketers spending significant amounts on digital.

Mastery: Mastery knowledge is focused on taking implementation to the next level. This includes tips, tricks and advanced features that can grow results. This advanced training is helpful for those looking to grow results and performance.

Best for: Digital marketers or marketers spending significant amounts on digital.

How We Build Job Level Training

All of our trainings, whether out-of-the-box or customized focus on the actual knowledge needed to perform different jobs. We don’t overwhelm strategic decision-makers with implementation details. We don’t assume that business professionals need every detail.

Boot Camp Digital Job Based Digital Marketing Training

The Advantages of Job Level Training

Most digital marketing training is structured from beginner to advanced. The challenge is that it assumes that you will be executing digital marketing. We know that not everyone is an executor.

Our Essentials and Strategy levels assume that learners won’t be directly implementing. We don’t overwhelm them with technical or implementation details. Instead the focus is on strategy, best practices and measurement.

This creates a better ROI on learner time because learners are getting access to the knowledge specifically required for their job.

Contact us to learn more about how we can design a training program for you.

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