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15 Tips for Getting Facebook Video Right

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Melissa Byers

Oct 24 2017

Don’t take it from me. Just log into Facebook and count how many videos you see in the first ten posts on your newsfeed. I just counted mine and that number is six. Three were live videos, three were recorded. Two stopped my scroll.

Facebook users are getting more savvy by the day. Better yet, they’re consuming more and more video. With over 8 billion average daily views and 100 million hours of video viewed every day, you can’t afford to ignore it.

If you’re not using video as part of your strategy, you’re missing a huge opportunity. But be smart about it. Don’t disregard user experience. I’m seeing Pages all over Facebook committing video sins.

Facebook video – Don’t deceive your audience with:

  1. A still photo saved in a video format – When your viewers click the play arrow and nothing happens, how satisfied will they be?
  2. A few seconds of video that runs over and over again – We’ve all done it. Click to play, and watch the same seven seconds three times before we realize it’s on repeat for the next 90 seconds.”Awesome!” said nobody.
  3. A recorded video passed off as live – You’re not fooling anyone, folks. No matter how novice the Facebook user is, they can tell the dramatic difference in production quality of a recorded video versus a live stream.
  4. A photo with the video “play” arrow that leads to another piece of content – Simply put, it’s misleading.

Anyone can produce video, but smart marketers know you have only seconds to captivate eyeballs with quality messaging and branding. If you’re looking to jump in on video but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few topics to get you going.

Facebook Video: Topic Tips

  1. Share tips and tricks (Here’s an example from the Boot Camp Digital Facebook page.)
  2. Tap into your expertise and share a nugget of useful information.
  3. Share something about yourself to connect with your audience.
  4. Explain your products or services.
  5. Give a behind-the-scenes view of something.
  6. Reveal something new.
  7. Showcase your company out in the community.
  8. Answer commonly asked questions.
  9. Interview someone – an employee, industry leader, etc.
  10. Do a demonstration.
  11. Consider popular content on your site for video possibilities.

As with any type of content and post on social media, watch your analytics to decide which types resonate most with your audience.

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