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Announcing Our New Google Analytics Training Course

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Allison Chaney

Aug 24 2018

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our Google Analytics Training Course. One of the biggest challenges we have today is that we’re overwhelmed with data and we often fall into traps of reporting on useless data or just data dumping without insights. Most businesses are using Google Analytics for tracking information about their website visitors. They have more data than ever at their fingertips but most of them aren’t using it right. This is why we created this Google Analytics online course. You will learn how to get answers on whether or not your campaigns are working! This course shows you how to focus in on the data that’s important, how to pull insights from that data, and how to make smarter marketing decisions using Google Analytics. 

Why is Google Analytics Important for Businesses?

If you’re not measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you’re just throwing things against the wall and hoping they stick. This only works when you’re cooking spaghetti. Smart businesses are using Google Analytics to make smarter marketing decisions. Why?

1. Because people purchase goods and services in stages.

Not everyone on your website is there to make a purchase, but marketers often only think to measure campaigns that are linked to a sale. Good marketing plans consider all stages of the path to purchase, and good campaigns focus in on moving people through the funnel. But you need to know if your campaigns are effective in accomplishing this goal. With Google Analytics, you can measure your effectiveness in moving people through the funnel in the buying process. You can use this data to make smart decisions about how to reach new and existing customers.

2. It’s the industry standard.

Most businesses use Google Analytics. Smart businesses have figured out that GA offers a superior solution when answering their question of “is my marketing campaign working?”. With this comes a large network of users who share tips, templates, custom settings and more.

3. It’s FREE.

There’s a paid version but the vast majority of businesses will find everything they need in the free version.

What is Included in our Google Analytics Course?

Our Google Analytics Training Course gives you everything you need to get started with Google Analytics and analyze the data to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make smarter marketing decisions.

Google Analytics training course

You get more than six hours of beginner, strategic, and advanced training, plus downloadable PDF resources to support your implementation. 

The following is a list of included videos.

01 – Course Introduction 

02 – Why Analytics? 

03 – Why Google Analytics? 

04 – What Can Google Analytics Answer? 

05 – How to Evaluate Success 

06 – Analytics Reporting 

07 – Setup: The Basics

08 – Setup: View Settings

09 – Setup: Filters

10 – Setup: Goals

11 – Setup: Google Ads (AdWords)

12 – Dashboard

13 – Dashboard Customization 

14 – Data Introduction – Key Metrics

15 – Understanding Audience Metrics

16 – Understanding Acquisition Metrics

17 – Understanding Behavior Metrics

18 – Understanding Conversion Metrics

19 – Conversion Tracking Implementation

20 – Conversion Tracking Power Tip For Large Lists

21 – Gaining Insights From Conversion Tracking Data

22 – Measuring Google Ads (AdWords) Campaigns

23 – Good Measurement Starts with Strategy

24 – What is a KPI?

25 – What is the Difference Between a Measure and a KPI?

26 – Working with KPIs: Examples of How to Use KPIs

27 – KPI Watchouts

28 – How to Set KPIs

29 – What Makes a Good KPI

30 – The Three Types of KPIs Needed

31 – Site Search Tracking

32 – Get Rid of Annoying Spam Data with Custom Filters

33 – Event Tracking

34 – Segmenting Data

35 – Using the Channels Report for Analysis

36 – Using Report Advanced Features

37 – Using Primary and Secondary Dimensions within Reports

38 – Using Multi-Channel Attribution Data

39 – Adding Goals to Your AdWords Conversions

40 – Website Analytics Setup: When to Use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

41 – Using Behavior Flow to Evaluate UX

42 – Top Ten Questions Google Analytics Can Answer

43 – Do I Need a Privacy Policy On My Account? 

44 – How Would I Know If the Tracking Stops Working on My Site? 

45 – What Does the Green Check Mark in Google Analytics Reports Mean?

46 – What is a Good Bounce Rate?

47 – What Else Could “direct/none” Mean in Sources if Not All of it is Really Direct Traffic to My Site?

48 – If I Change to a Secure (https) Site Should My Google Analytics Settings Change? 

To learn more about or register for the new Google Analytics Training Course, click here.

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