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Government Social Media Workshop: 10 questions to answer when creating a Government Social Media Policy

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Debba Haupert

Nov 10 2015

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We know from Government Social Media Workshops — Social Media has changed the way that people, companies and government agencies communicate and interact – completely! We no longer wait to communicate with the public until the monthly council meeting, election day, or for the latest edition of newspaper op-ed page, we go online and voice our thoughts – good or bad – immediately. And, we expect a response – immediately!

Creating a Government social media policy is a necessity for today’s digital communications, concerns and opportunities. It also is a legal requirement that all employees of your governmental organization must understand and follow.

A governmental Social Media policy is required to make sure that government agencies and officials have a clear and legal plan for handling social media involvement/communications. Here are 10 questions to answer when creating a government social media policy:

  1. What can employees share or not share on social media networks?
  2. What disclaimers and guidelines do government employees need to post in social media?
  3. Who is allowed to participate (on behalf of the government agency/official) on social media?
  4. What content is allowed to be shared in Social Media communications?
  5. What content is not allowed to be shared in Social Media communications?
  6. Who do you follow? What do you ‘like’ in Social Media? (And who do you NOT follow or LIKE?)
  7. Who needs to be trained?
  8. Who needs to approve the Social Media policy? Legal? Management/Leadership?
  9. How should the government Social Media policy be managed/maintained?
  10. What is the process for handling crisis management, approvals, and questions regarding the government Social Media Policy?

Can your government agency/officials answer all of the above questions?

Government social media training covers all these questions for elected officials to community organizations. Boot Camp Digital conducts social media workshops for government agencies and officials. We can help your government organization define your Social Media policy and can provide Social Media training and strategy guidance. Contact Boot Camp Digital today for help in creating a custom government social media workshop, policy and strategy for your organization.

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