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How to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

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Jan 16 2013

boost linkedin presenceLinkedIn is now being used by over 160 million professionals in 200+ countries. And it’s not just what you think – a simple networking site for business professionals. It’s way more than that – a marketing goldmine with dozens of opportunities for you to get yourself or your company (or both!) noticed.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn training shouldn’t just focus on having a pretty and impressive profile page, or having a ton of connections. While that’s important, LinkedIn is also an incredible tool for showing people how and why you are a thought leader in your line of work. So we’ve laid out a few tips for you to remember the next time you’re on this social network.

1: Join a Group! Groups actually have a lot more power than you think. You can join some that focus on what you’re currently working on, some focused on topics that you are interested in learning about, groups made just for your own personal interests, and more! The point is that if you want to become known as a thought leader on your industry, you have to be visible online – that’s how 2013 is going to work. So join relevant groups, comment in discussions, start your own discussions, answer questions – and start building your reputation!

2: Always Be Connecting With Your Connections. You always want to stay at the top of peoples’ minds – especially in the business world. So if someone has an interesting status or one that is relevant to you, share your thoughts, and remember to always be polite and to the point. Always be asking for recommendations (without hassling people) so people know that you or your company are trustworthy – and recommend people right back! It’s all about slowly building up that trust online – step by step.

3. Promote, Promote, Promote! You don’t want to be too salesy on LinkedIn, but never miss an opportunity to get your company or yourself out there! Make sure to add products and services to your company page so that people understand what you do, ask for reviews to build your reputation as a solid and noteworthy brand, and connect your blog or Twitter account to the page so people can follow you on various outlets!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your LinkedIn reputation won’t be either. It’s about making consistent little steps so that eventually you have created a notable, well-known brand for yourself. There are millions of people on LinkedIn looking for exactly what you do, and if you want to get yourself noticed, this is how! Obviously these steps won’t take care of all of it, so if you need more help, look at our LinkedIn training page!

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