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How to Upskill the Digital Marketing Skills of Your Team this Year

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Krista Neher

Mar 18 2019

Digital now accounts for over 50% of most marketing budgets – a number that is expected to continue to grow further. Digital marketing represents a unique challenge for businesses because it continues to change and evolve – what works today isn’t guaranteed to work tomorrow. This means that organizations and businesses that are committed to it, are also committed to keeping their teams’ skills sharp and up-to-date.

If you are ready to get better results faster from your digital marketing efforts, or increase the digital skills of your organization here are 5 Actionable Ways to Upskill Your Team in Digital Marketing.

  1. Complete a Digital Marketing Skills Assessment

    If you want to grow digital skills in your organization it is important to know where you currently stand in terms of both current skills and desired skills. A skills assessment can be formal or informal. For many of our corporate clients we conduct a Digital IQ Assessment or a self-assessment to determine the current state of an organization. We also look at the business and marketing objectives for the organization to determine the areas where they need to develop skills and the depth of skill needed (eg. Overview, Strategic, Implementation, Mastery).

    This can be a formal or informal process – the important thing is that you build a general idea of where you are and where you want to be.

  2. Level-Set Digital Marketing Training

    For most businesses it is helpful to have some form of a level-set training in place. This helps to make sure that everyone is on the same page speaking the same language when it comes to digital marketing. With digital marketing being so broad, many marketers, sales professionals and business leaders don’t fully understand the important areas of digital marketing in enough detail to make informed decisions.

    Level-set digital marketing training can be live or online, and our digital marketing certifications are often used as a part of the process. The important thing is that you set up your organization for success in a common understanding of what digital marketing is and how it is being strategically used for growth.

  3. Continuous Digital Marketing Mastery

    With the digital marketing landscape changing and evolving rapidly, it isn’t enough to do a single training program. You need a plan to continue to learn and evolve. Digital marketing doesn’t have a set or static body of knowledge like accounting. It requires continuous learning to adapt and evolve based on consumer and market changes.

    At Boot Camp Digital we offer clients our Digital Marketing Insiders program to keep them up-to-date and on the leading edge. We have some clients that provide customized monthly webinars. Others offer lunch and learns. The idea is to continue to grow your skills beyond an initial training. It is helpful to survey your organization to see what type of training will resonate best and be open to trying different things.

  4. Establish Internal Sharing and Connections

    To truly transform an organization into the digital-first world, it is important to build a culture of curiosity, sharing and learning. To this end, many organizations use internal collaboration tools like Facebook Workspace, Yammer, Sharepoint or their Intranet to encourage sharing. Whether you have a formal tool or send out informal emails when you find something interesting, driving a culture of digital curiosity is key.

    Consider how you can start to embed this in your organization either formally or informally. Who are the digital drivers or advocates that can take up the torch?

  5. Get Leadership Onboard

    Leadership is important to drive digital in an organization, yet most leaders didn’t grow up in a digital world and don’t fully understand the important role that digital plays. While most business leaders recognize that digital is important, they don’t fully understand how it is impacting business. Having leadership onboard signals that digital is important to the organization and will help the entire organization to see the importance in upgrading their skills.

    Consider investing in an executive digital training program to get your executives on-board. Their leadership is vital in driving skills through the organization.

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