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How to Upskill Your Organization for Digital Transformation

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Krista Neher

Aug 14 2018

Digital Transformations are all the rage with large companies these days – but really every business, whether they use the title “Digital Transformation” or not is undergoing a shift due to digital.

According to a recent study the biggest challenge in digital transformation for both small and large organizations is a lack of digital expertise. The survey also found that:

  • Biggest challenge is digital expertise
  • Employee pushback is second biggest challenge
  • 23% had a corporate-wide strategy
  • 38% had a single business group leading

In order for a transformation to be effective there are two fundamental ingredients: 1) knowledge & skills and 2) the willingness of the people.

How can you grow skills and willingness? They are both interrelated as they focus on the people side, not the technology.

1) Provide Training to Establish Foundations

A strong corporate digital training program is central to your success. Provide both push (mandated training) and pull (optional training) to increase the knowledge level of the organization. By getting everyone on the same page speaking the same language you’ll have a strong foundation to build on.

2) Identify Advocates

Look internally for advocates and those who are willing and passionate – regardless of their skill or knowledge level. Embrace them and use them as change-agents within the organization.

3) Include the Entire Company

Digital isn’t just a marketing effort – embrace and include the entire organization. This will reduce barriers internally and allow you to gain momentum. Include the entire organization in the process and training to grow commitment.

4) Offer Practical Digital Training

Most employees say that they don’t have sufficient training when it comes to digital marketing. While digital is growing in importance and spending, employees aren’t invested in. Many employees lack the skills to effectively implement digital and aren’t given the support by their employers. Offer practical training to improve results and upskill employees.

5) Build a Continuous Learning Atmosphere

Everyone should be engaged in reading, learning and exploring to stay up-to-date with the fast changing world of digital. Simple things like sharing articles, best practices and examples can get the organization thinking digitally. Continuous learning and curiosity should be embedded into the organization as a way of working to keep pace with changes in consumers and media.


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