I Said I’m Not on Facebook… So Where Can You Find Me?

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Brielle Pearson

Nov 05 2013


As a follow up to my previous post, “I’m not on Facebook; Perspectives from a College Student,” I want to share the networks that I am on and how you can connect with college students, like me. Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest connect us to our online community in different ways – here’s a list of do’s and don’ts I look for in a business on each network.

Why we follow businesses on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest…



  • Post jokes, short company updates, and promotions
  • Respond to customer service tweets quickly
  • Converse with customers and build a relationship


  • Post information that is obvious or that can be found on your site
  • Post too often or else you will annoy your followers

youtube_buttonCompany nailin’ it: YouTube

With over 23.7 million followers YouTube has been named one of Twitter’s top most engaging brands. Youtube’s post are mainly made up of the top rated videos on YouTube and upcoming YouTube events. Their fans find them engaging because they are showing the content that average users have created and giving light on the everyday lives of their fans.



  • Post photos that show your company culture using filters and unique perspectives
  • Post photos of your employees engaging with customers or their customers using your products


  • Post without having an unique filter, new perspective, or artistic edge
  • Only have product pictures with no variation


Company nailin’ it: Starbucks.

You can see their products being brought to a pumpkin patch or even visiting the white house. Their images aren’t just cups of coffee – they are artistic and unique making them something people would want to see.



  • Have clear and colorful images on your website that you would want users to “pin”
  • Give inspirational videos or images about how to use your products
  • Make sure your pictures all link to its source – ideally your website


  • Have blurry or dull images on your website – they won’t look appealing when pinned
  • Only push sales – post funny pictures or something other than just your products


Company nailin’ it: Home Depot.

You can find their instructional videos or infographics pinned all over Pinterest. Home Depot’s typical target market is men but on Pinterest, made up of mainly women (over 60%), Home Depot pins crafts, design ideas, and “Do-it-Herself” projects.

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