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Incredible Social Media Stats from 2010

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Krista Neher

Feb 21 2011

We all know that social media has exploded in popularity, but what we don’t realize is the magnitude to which it is still growing.  This past year social media has seen huge expansions.  Below are some of the noteworthy statistics on the growth of social media.

1.  65% of the population uses Facebook or Linkedin in.  Social Media Today

2.  Around 500 million people have an account on Facebook.

3.  The average Facebook user has about 130 friends.

4.  The total population of Facebook spends 700 billion minutes on Facebook a month.

5.  Facebook is available in 70 language translations because 70% of Facebook use is outside of the United States.

6.  The average Facebook user is connected to 80 community sites, blogs, etc.

7.  30 million pieces of content are shared a month on Facebook and the average person creates 90 unique pieces of information.

8.  According to Facebook, 50% of users log on at least everyday. Econsultancy

9.  In the past year Facebook photo uploads have increased 100%

10.  Within the past year the age group of 65+ has grown 100% on Facebook.

11.  As of now, there are 200 million active mobile users accessing Facebook through cell phones.

12.  Two out of three people with cell phones have some way to access the internet from that phone. Social Media Today

14.  Mobile Facebook users are twice as active as those who access through computer alone.

15.  Since April 2010, 10,000 new sites integrate with Facebook everyday.

16.  Of the worlds largest companies 33% have made Facebook contacts. Social Media Today

17.  Of the top 100 websites 2/3 have integrated with Facebook. Social Media Today

18. 52% of the population uses a microblogging site like twitter. Social Media Today

19. Over 100 million users signed up with Twitter in 2010. Mashable

20. Twitter gains up to 300,000 new “tweeters” a day. Social Media Today

21. 21% 0f tweeters follow 100 people or more. Mashable

22. 16% of people on twitter have over 100 followers. Mashable

23. 44% of tweeters provide a website URL. Mashable

24.  80.6% of tweeters have made less than 500 tweets, meaning most users are new or inactive. Mashable

25.  On Twitter, the average Fortune 100 company is followed by 1,500 people. Social Media Today

26.  89% of people use blogs and other social media to research the latest stories and gossip. Social Media Today

27.  32% of buyers post questions on social media sites. Social Media Today

28.  In 2011 there will be more unique pages of information published on the web than in the last 5,000 years. Social Media Today

29.  Linkedin users total 50 million world wide. That’s about a million new users a month since last August.  Econsultancy

30.  From the worlds largest companies, 43% of employes use Linkedin for professional reasons. Smart Bug Media

31.  100% of Fortune 500 companies have executives using Linkedin. Smart Bug  Media

32.  50% of Linkedin users are also decision makers in their companies or jobs. Smart Bug Media

33.  65% of journalists use Linkedin for research in their stories. Smart Bug Media

4 Replies to “Incredible Social Media Stats from 2010”

  1. Thanks, Krista. An impressive list. I’ll use this as I educate people about potential business uses of social media. I read on the Inbound Marketing blog that it is predicted that by 2014 about 165 million people will be using social networks. This includes 55+ and oldder age groups. About 57% of 55-64 year olds will be on social networks and 38% of 65+. All age groups are growing in the social networks at an extremely rapid pace. It’s not just for teens anymore!

    1. Mike

      Thanks for the comment and for sharing your stats. Annie put together a great list here! It is amazing how quickly social media is growing!

      – Krista

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