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6 Influencer Marketing Pro-Tips

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6 Influencer Marketing Pro-Tips

Krista Neher

Jan 31 2023

6 Influencer Marketing Pro-Tips

Influencer marketing is an incredibly popular way to influence your target audience, but it can be tricky to execute effectively. After working with thousands of businesses and organizations that use influencers, here are six pro-tips to avoid missteps.

Legal disclosures 

When we talk about influencer marketing, in the US and many other countries, influencers are required to disclose that they are compensated for their posts.

Businesses can be held liable if they compensate influencers – even with free products – without that full disclosure in the promotion. With this in mind, all businesses need to do is add a simple hashtag #Ad or #Sponsored to their content.

Provide some guidelines 

It’s helpful for brands to provide some guidelines while not stifling creativity. If you are paying for posts, you want the influencer to integrate your product into their content naturally and authentically. To accomplish this, give them some guidelines and inspiration.

Encourage influencers to be creative

Don’t limit creativity by being too prescriptive. I’ve seen some influencer campaigns where companies have written posts for the influencers, and the posts usually don’t perform well.

Influencers are GREAT content creators. Encourage them to be creative and ask them to share ideas and brainstorm for posts that will achieve your goals and resonate with their audience. Furthermore, canned content isn’t usually a great solution for influencers.

Know your influencers and their audiences 

There are MANY “influencers” who buy their audiences or have a lot of fake followers. Make sure you do some diligence on your influencer partners. It is common to ask for analytics or conduct follower analysis.

Cost of working with influencers

The cost to work with influencers varies depending on the size of the influencer and the number of brands doing influencer marketing in that space. Parent influencers (mom bloggers) are often heavily courted by brands. B2B influencers are usually pitched fewer opportunities. It is important to start with a conversation to align expectations.

REMEMBER that influencers earn a living 

Many influencers earn a living from their blog, Instagram account, or YouTube channel. Don’t expect them to work for free or for free products unless you have a high-value product. Many influencer outreach programs fail because the business fails to offer something valuable enough to the influencer.

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