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3 Things to Remember on Influencing Without Authority

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Oct 02 2012

Last week Krista and I had the amazing opportunity of attending the 5th annual Women in Business Networking conference in Dayton, Ohio. It was amazing one-day event that brought together successful female professionals from all over the area. This year, the theme of the conference was “Growing as  Leader” and it brought together CEOs, government officials, business owners, executives from large corporations, nonprofit leaders, and more.

Krista was one of the keynote speakers, and she gave a presentation on how women can use social media to grow their business. It was a really effective and informational presentation and the attendees really enjoyed it. We even ran out of all the copies of Krista’s best-selling book, The Social Media Field Guide, that we brought with us.

During the day I also got to sit in on a presentation by Denise Dal Vera on “Influencing Without Authority.” Denise works at the Xavier Leadership Center, so she shared a lot of helpful information on emotional intelligence can benefit you in the workplace. I wanted to share some of these helpful facts with you all, because it can be useful for anyone trying to get ahead in the work place – both men and women!

#1: Pay Attention to How You Say Things

Whether your having a conflict with a co-worker, or just trying to get a boss to see things from your perspective, the most important thing to remember is that you just have to pay attention to your tone, your level of respect, and the words that you chose. Denise shared a really interesting piece of information with us during the presentation. She asked “What matters more – what you say, or how you say it?” The results, taken from psychological studies, were surprising:

  • What you say only matters 7%
  • How you say it matters 93%

So the next time you are trying to get co-workers see things from your side, pay attention to how you say things.

#2: Emotional Intelligence Is Like a Muscle

Denise informed us that studies show your emotional intelligence can be developed like a muscle. The more you pay attention to your behavior and how you deal with others – both in and out of the workplace – the more your emotional intelligence will grow and improve.

This is important for several reasons. Studies show that…

  • There are dollar signs attached to emotional intelligence – the higher your emotional intelligence, the higher your salary
  • Emotional intelligence is the strongest driver of leadership and personal intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence allows you to have better self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill

So keep working to improve your emotional intelligence, and you’ll see tremendous growth in your career.

#3: Remember That Emotional Intelligence Leads to High Performance

Studies show that 90% of top performers in the workplace are high in emotional intelligence.

  • With every point that your emotional intelligence increases on the emotional intelligence scale, your annual salary increases by $1300.

What it comes down to is that emotional intelligence is an improvable skill, and it’s linked to high performance in the workplace, not to mention financial gain. So remember that all in mind when you’re interacting with co-workers and fellow professionals – both in the workplace and online!

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